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Free Speech Victory for Finnish Politician and Bishop Who Said Homosexuality Is Sinful
Appeals court unanimously affirms that the traditional interpretation of the Bible is not criminal hate speech.
Andy Stanley’s ‘Unconditional’ Contradiction
The Atlanta-area pastor has said he affirms a New Testament sexual ethic, but his words and deeds have muddled that message.
The Russell Moore ShowEpisode 72|38min
Bridging Generational Divides with Jean Twenge
The psychologist and professor on differences and dialogue.
No finjamos que la ley de Uganda en materia de homosexualidad es cristiana
No todo pecado es un crimen. Además, las Escrituras no pueden aplicarse fuera de su contexto.
A medida que el éxodo de iglesias metodistas llega a 5800, algunas encuentran caminos bloqueados
(ACTUALIZACIÓN) Los costos y las complicaciones de la desafiliación de la UMC están dejando a muchas congregaciones estancadas.
Não finja que a lei anti-homossexualidade de Uganda é cristã
Nem tudo que é pecado é crime — e muito menos crime passível de ser punido com pena de morte.
As Methodist Exits Hit 5,800, Some Churches Find Paths Blocked
(UPDATED) The costs and complications of UMC disaffiliation are leaving many congregations stuck.
Ne prétendez pas que la loi ougandaise sur l’homosexualité est chrétienne.
Tout ce qui est péché n’est pas crime, et encore moins crime passible de la peine de mort.
Don’t Pretend the Ugandan Homosexuality Law Is Christian
Not everything that’s a sin is a crime—let alone one punishable by death.
Methodist Bishop Wants to ‘Stop Talking About Disaffiliations’ After 2,800 Churches Leave
Council of Bishops sets out to refocus on the UMC congregations that stay after 2023.
After Pushing for UMC Unity, Former Bishop Joins New Denomination
The Global Methodist Church welcomes Scott Jones, who led Methodists in Texas and had advocated for the “extreme center” and “staying at the table.”
In Singapore, LGBT Perspectives Are Liberalizing. Can the Church Hold Together?
Evangelicals are eager to preserve their unity—and the country’s.
Stopping Abuse Is Sexual Ethics 101
Christian efforts to protect the body often fail to protect women.
German Minister Not Guilty of Anti-LGBT Hate Speech
Marriage seminar set up a clash between religious teachings and gay rights, but “alienating” comments are not criminal, court rules.

Top Story November 18, 2023

As Philippines’ Drug War Rolls On, Christians Continue Their Work
As Philippines’ Drug War Rolls On, Christians Continue Their Work
Duterte tried a hardline policy. Marcos is prioritizing rehab. Christians point to Jesus.

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