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Displaced from Israel Border, Lebanese Christians Wrestle with Whom to Blame
As limited clashes with Hezbollah threaten to expand Israel’s war against Hamas, local Presbyterians and Baptists suffer a battle not of their making.
Chinese House Churches Find Hope for Gospel Growth Amid Post-Pandemic Turmoil
As China deals with economic woes, religious restrictions, and mass exodus, ministries see an opportunity.
Theology of Provocation: Portuguese Pastor Explains Why ‘Everything I Do Is Clickbait’
Tiago Cavaco insists he has a greater purpose than entertaining, amusing, or trolling Christians.
Free Speech Victory for Finnish Politician and Bishop Who Said Homosexuality Is Sinful
Appeals court unanimously affirms that the traditional interpretation of the Bible is not criminal hate speech.
Keeping—and Learning—the Peace
An American Christian’s view of US-Taiwan-China relations and what to do in the event of war.
As Erdoğan Goads on Gaza, Turkish Christians Prefer Peace
Amid centenary of the secular republic, Erdoğan inaugurates a significant new church as local believers navigate Muslim society’s stance on Palestine.
Nepal Earthquake Destroys Rural Churches, with Believers Pleading for Immediate Relief
More than 300 Christian families have been affected, says a local pastor.
‘Whatever They Need’: GOP Candidates Focus on Israel Support
Debate participants appealed to Zionist evangelicals while condemning campus antisemitism.
I Promised God I’d Return to Haiti. As the US Opens Its Doors, It’s a Hard Promise to Keep.
I moved back after the earthquake and am determined to stay, even as my country’s circumstances are graver than ever before.
A Leader of India’s ‘Untouchables’ Considered Christianity and Found It Wanting
Why B.R. Ambedkar, a Dalit himself, ultimately embraced Buddhism as the faith best for him and his community.
I Started Attending Diwali Parties to Break Out of My Christian Bubble
I was raised in a vibrant Indian community. How I'm trying to build relationships with Hindu friends in America.
Pray for the Persecuted Church. But First Learn About It.
Amid rising persecution to Christians in the world, here are some stories that can guide your intercessions.
First Graduates of Persian Seminary Prepared to Serve a Traumatized Iran
London-based theological institute celebrates the academic success of 15 Muslim-background students, many of whom have suffered family rejection and political repression.
Meitei Christians Caught in Middle of Manipur Violence
Thousands of majority believers lost homes and churches in India's worst ethnic conflict this year. Yet they feel "overlooked and despised" by both sides.
Kingdom Halls Reopen After Blasts at Jehovah’s Witnesses Convention in India Kills Four
The bombing is the first major attack on the community of 56,000 since its beginnings in the country in 1905.
Pastor’s Family Trapped in Gaza Grieves Relatives Killed at Church
Former pastor of Gaza Baptist Church—stuck in Egypt since start of the war—scrambles to evacuate wife and children as they struggle to survive at St. Porphyrius Orthodox Church.
16 Evangelical Alliances Call for Gaza Ceasefire, Condemn Hamas
Statement issued by regional and national fellowships seeking “a just peace” goes biblically deeper than similar humanitarian pleas.
From the Chicago Suburbs to Penang, We Sought to Love Our Neighbors
Whether hospitality means house parties or intimate gatherings, God’s charge is the same.
The History of Chinese Bible Translation Is Full of Cooperation
Western missionaries collaborated with Chinese Christian scholars to translate the Word of God, leading to the achievement of the Union Version.
Give Me Yesus: Indonesia Replaces Arabic Name for Christ
Beginning next year, the largest Muslim country in the world will use the Bahasa name for Christian holidays.