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Displaced from Israel Border, Lebanese Christians Wrestle with Whom to Blame
As limited clashes with Hezbollah threaten to expand Israel’s war against Hamas, local Presbyterians and Baptists suffer a battle not of their making.
As Erdoğan Goads on Gaza, Turkish Christians Prefer Peace
Amid centenary of the secular republic, Erdoğan inaugurates a significant new church as local believers navigate Muslim society’s stance on Palestine.
First Graduates of Persian Seminary Prepared to Serve a Traumatized Iran
London-based theological institute celebrates the academic success of 15 Muslim-background students, many of whom have suffered family rejection and political repression.
Pastor’s Family Trapped in Gaza Grieves Relatives Killed at Church
Former pastor of Gaza Baptist Church—stuck in Egypt since start of the war—scrambles to evacuate wife and children as they struggle to survive at St. Porphyrius Orthodox Church.
16 Evangelical Alliances Call for Gaza Ceasefire, Condemn Hamas
Statement issued by regional and national fellowships seeking “a just peace” goes biblically deeper than similar humanitarian pleas.
Palestinian Evangelicals Call Western Church to Repentance, Criticized in Return
Middle East Christians assert their rejection of violence as they relate frustration with lack of Western recognition of the reality of occupation and the collateral damage of bombing campaigns.
Ukraine Passes Law to Ban Russia-Linked Orthodox Church
Threatened amid accusations of collaboration with an enemy state, implementation awaits more votes, presidential signature, and judicial review. UOC leader calls it “a struggle against God.”
Armenia Struggles to Aid 100,000 Artsakh Refugees After War
Evangelical, Orthodox, and secular aid workers care for traumatized Nagorno-Karabakh kin they say were ethnically cleansed from their homeland. Azerbaijani Christians reply.
Amid Israel-Hamas War, Local Christians Seek Righteous Anger and Gospel Hope
As terrorism leads to thousands of deaths, Palestinian evangelicals and Messianic Jews share astonishment, grief, and prayer for peace and justice.
Fruitful and Multiplying: 9 Visions for Evangelical Ministry in the Middle East
Inspired by new transnational networks, Arab ministry leaders and international partners reflect on the previous 25 years of service and call for similar spiritual integration.
Shaken Yet Stirred: Turkish Christians Advise Moroccan Church on Earthquake Aid
From Istanbul to Marrakesh, disaster relief can help Muslim-background believers legitimize their faith. But first, say Turks, the church must be united.
Do Artsakh’s Armenians Need More or Less ‘Christian’ Advocacy?
As humanitarian aid—and Azerbaijan’s attacks—return to the Caucasus enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh, religious freedom advocates debate the merits of emphasizing religion.
Morocco Earthquake Moves Marginalized Churches to Christian Charity
Their faith unrecognized by the government, local believers serve displaced neighbors seeking shelter and the will of God.
Russian Evangelicals React to Moscow’s Most Wanted Baptist
Former head of Baptist Union flees abroad as the first Protestant charged for opposing the war in Ukraine. His level of support back home is mixed.
From Dust to Lunch: Jordanian Christians Decry Cost of Funeral Feast
Tribal hospitality demands feeding the 500. But believers pinched by poverty call for cultural changes that still preserve honor.
Christians Could Change Adoption Laws in the Middle East. Will They?
Some have been reticent to reform, despite the needs of children and would-be parents.
Evangelical Alliance Accepts Iran Invite. Critics Claim Broken Engagement.
Wise as serpents or naïve as doves? WEA defends why it co-sponsored a UN human rights forum organized by the Islamic Republic, after accusations of legitimizing a persecutor.
Turkish Christians Turn to Tabitha for Earthquake Relief—and Resurrection
Six months after disaster, the biblical Dorcas raised from the dead by Peter inspires Protestant generosity—just as she modeled for the early church.
Like the Cedars of Lebanon: Baptists Honored for Lifelong Service
Recognized for the promotion of women’s rights and inclusive education, two leading figures relate civil war struggles and the challenge of special needs.
Amid Quran Burning Outcry, Should All Blasphemy Be Banned?
Sweden’s desecration of Islam’s holy book has prompted a bid to burn the Bible. European evangelicals condemn the offense but link the freedoms of expression and religion.